About Us

Homegrown Alabama is a student-led group at the University of Alabama that seeks to educate students about the value of local produce, as well as to foster partnerships between local farmers and the University of Alabama.
Our partners include: Canterbury Episcopal Chapel, Alabama Farmers Market Authority, UA Office of Community Affairs, Students for Sustainability, and the SGA Department of Environmental Concerns.

Since 2005, we’ve been working to ensure that Alabama-grown produce is readily available to University of Alabama students and the Tuscaloosa community. To that end, we have worked working with the university administration, Bama Dining, the Alabama Farmers Market Authority and student groups in an effort to streamline the process which brings Alabama foods from field to table. Our projects have included:

  • A course offering in the College of Human Environmental Sciences focusing on developing farm-to-table produce
  • Outreach into the UA Greek community to partner house kitchens with local farmers, and to serve meals prepared exclusively with Alabama-grown produce
  • A business school course centered on branding Alabama produce for restaurants and eateries
  • On-campus farmers markets for students and the UA community

Today, our primary focus is hosting and facilitating the weekly farmers market from April to October.

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