Market Update 9/1, Back to School!

Hello folks,
Thanks to everyone who visited us at Get on Board Day yesterday! We added about 200 people to our email list and talked with a bunch of students who are interested in joining the student group. It’s exciting to have that many people learn about the market in one day.
Today, the first Thursday of September, is Homegrown’s Welcome Back Alabama market. In honor of this occasion (and the possibility of the heat subsiding a bit…someday), Homegrown is implementing a truly momentus addition! Beginning today and for the remainder of the season, we will be accepting Bama Cash. Just bring your Action Card to the Homegrown table and we’ll swipe your card, then give you tokens to spend with our vendors. The UA Environmental Council will have an information booth set up, so be sure to stop by and ask about what they’ve got going on.
If you haven’t heard the news, we have officially run out of funds for our EBT matching program. We certainly still accept EBT, but will not offer the matching program again until we receive funds to do so. While it’s a shame the money is gone, it proves that there is a big market for spending EBT dollars at farmers markets. Homegrown Alabama is committed to making local foods more accessible for everyone in our town, and we will do everything we can to reinstate a matching program!
Our friends at Kentuck have notified us that they need help with the cob oven tonight. They’ll be making pizza for Art Night with veggies from Snow’s Bend, and they need help starting at 4:30 this afternoon. If you’d like to get involved, contact Emily Leigh at or 205-758-1257.
For the love of veggies!


About homegrownalabama

Homegrown Alabama is a student organization at The University of Alabama. Our goal is to bring local produce onto the University campus and to form partnerships between the University and local producers. We organize the farmers' market that runs form May till September every Thursday from 3-6 p.m. at Canterbury Episcopal Chapel.
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