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Our friends at Homegrown Alabama have organized another season’s worth of weekly markets, the first of which will be this week! The kick-off market will be Thursday, May 6th from 3-6 in the afternoon, on the lawn of the Canterbury Chapel. That’s right on the corner of Hackberry and University, for those who aren’t familiar.

Last year, my first year as a student here, I made an effort to come out to several of the markets, and was excited to find a wide array of vendors, selling everything from pickles and jellies to baked goods, and of course ample amounts of fresh veggies, fruits and flowers. Local food vendors and live music add to the excitment, making a trip to the Homegrown Market more like an event than a shopping run.
But besides being a whole lot of fun, the market allows local growers and the people of our community a chance to meet together in one place and exchange not only food and money, but also conversations, stories, and laughs. It’s very meaningful and rare to be able to get to know the people who have made it possible, through hours of labor and awesome care, for us to have delicious and healthy food.

If you can’t make it out on this coming Thursday, the market will be held all season, from May to October, same place, same day of the week, same time! A slightly different vendor line-up and selection of purchasables and music is to be had each time, though, so try not to miss a single one!
Hope to see you out there!
(Thanks Camille! Visit the New College Organic Farming Program blog here:

About homegrownalabama

Homegrown Alabama is a student organization at The University of Alabama. Our goal is to bring local produce onto the University campus and to form partnerships between the University and local producers. We organize the farmers' market that runs form May till September every Thursday from 3-6 p.m. at Canterbury Episcopal Chapel.
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